ORDLO “journalists” propose to send Pushiline to the front: we learned what the “DPR leader” outraged the representatives of the occupation media



The “Journalists” of the propaganda information resource “People’s Journalist” offer to send the head of the so-called “DPR” Denis Pushilin to the front to representatives of the illegal armed groups. The propagandists are scandalized that Pushilin has absolutely no knowledge of the state of the representatives of the illegal armed groups at the front.

Denis Pushilin
Denis Pushilin. Photo

This was reported by the portal DonPress, referring to the information resource “Popular journalist”, reports MFN.

“Journalists” from one of ARDLO’s propaganda sources were outraged by the fact that the head of the so-called “DPR” Pushilin had absolutely no knowledge of the situation with the coronavirus at the front . In addition, according to propagandists, Pushilin also does not know what is going on in the local pre-trial detention center. Representatives of the occupation media reported that transfers to the local pre-trial detention center due to quarantine were prohibited. According to “journalists”, prisoners risk starvation from lack of food.

The authors of the information resource report that worse than in the pre-trial detention center, only the situation at the front. According to them, the representatives of the illegal armed groups have neither masks nor medicines. The propagandists are so outraged that they offer to send Pushilin to the front.

“He would be sent to the front line in custody. Show him the condition of the soldiers at the front. With what means of protection. There are no masks, gauze, medicine, no bandages, ”reported representatives of the occupation media.

Earlier, we reported that the ORDLO information resource indicated under what conditions it could open a contact line after quarantine.



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