ORDLO residents’ passport: a fraudulent group activated in the “DPR”



The company “Donbass Post” has issued a warning to the residents of ORDLO. The company reported that a fraudulent group has started operating in the “DPR”, which offers the issuance of coupons for the electronic queue to the “Migration Service of the Republic” for the issue of a Russian passport or a “DPR passport”.

Passport of a citizen of the Russian Federation and “DNR passport”. Stock Photo –

This is reported by the NPF, referring to the portal DonPress

Donbass Post says fraudsters have become more active in DPR. According to employees of the company, they offer to issue a ticket for an electronic line to the “migration service of the republic” for the issue of a “DNR passport” or a passport of a citizen of the Russian Federation.

The company noted that the fact of the criminal activity of a fraudulent group has already been recorded. Residents of the “republic” are asked to be careful.

It should be noted that in the context of the coronavirus pandemic, the DPR migration service authorized the deposit of documents for the issue of a Russian passport in electronic form. But, to enter the electronic queue, you must obtain a ticket.

Earlier, we reported that Reznikov had said what the Ukrainians who received Russian passports would do when the Donbas were reinstated.

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