ORLO terrorists on the brink of collapse: the Ministry of Integration announced the massive closure of mines



ORLO’s self-proclaimed authority faces an extremely complex problem. The Ministry of Reintegration of the Temporarily Occupied Territories of Ukraine has announced the massive closure of mines in uncontrolled territories. The region’s economy is losing ground.

Mine closure
Closure of the mine. Photo –

It is reported by “MFN”, with reference at the Ministry of Integration.

The department has learned that the massive mine closures are associated with some “reorganization” of the coal industry.

“We know that a number of mines have already been closed this month: Vergelovskaya, Miusinskaya and Novopavlovskaya. Now the question is about the “dry” conservation of the Nikanor-Novaya mine. At least five other mines will close at ORLO this year. Social infrastructure is in danger. As a result of these changes, the well-being of the people of the region may be seriously affected, “said the ministry.

The agency assumes that all of ORLO’s coal assets will be transferred to the possession of the “unitary state enterprise”, which is currently under development and is also known as Vostokugol.

Recall, as previously stated, no one lost and was not on their knees – Zelensky on negotiations with Putin.

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