OSCE called on Ukrainian government not to cut public service budget



OSCE called on Ukrainian government not to cut public service budget

The OSCE representative for media freedom, Arlem Desir, called on the Ukrainian government not to cut the budget of the National Public Television and Radio Company of Ukraine.

The relevant statement is published on the OSCE website.

“I urge the Ukrainian authorities to urgently study and find effective solutions to maintain the budget of the NSTU and the mission of the public broadcaster,” said Desir.

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The OSCE representative noted that in the current COVID-19 crisis, a public service broadcaster “plays an indispensable role in providing reliable information to the public, in informing of a pandemic and in combating false information”.

“Now is not the time to risk the economic sustainability of public media,” said Desir.

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As indicated, the public broadcaster had previously asked the Cabinet of Ministers not to cut 480 million UAH in spending when it revised the state budget.

In particular, it was noted that the budget of the National Television and Public Radio Company of Ukraine in 2020 should have been 1 billion 711 million 516 thousand hryvnias, and a decrease in the public budget by almost 480 million, as well that the payment by the broadcasting company of a public debt to Euronews of approximately 350 million will result in a decrease in funding of 830 million hryvnia.

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