Our people will not understand the horror of the coronavirus until they have seen the corpses: the head of state border services



The head of the National Border Service of Ukraine, Sergey Deineko, said that the security of the whole of several million people should be greater than the security and comfort of 500 thousand people who expressed the desire to return to the country from abroad.

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Head of the State Border Service, Sergey Deinenko.
The head of the SPSU warned of the possible consequences of people’s neglect. Photo:

The head of the SPSU made such a statement after his department analyzed passengers returning from their countries of origin from abroad.

“We carried out an analysis of the passengers on these flights and, unfortunately, 30% of those who returned flew abroad after the president urged Ukrainian citizens to return home. Instead, they flew to rest “– he noted.

According to Deyneko, we had to follow the same scenario as a mandatory observation, which was used for the first time in New Sanjary.

“Instead of quarantining the whole country to please our fellow citizens who were resting or earning money, went home quietly and started to infect us”, – added the border guard.

“You see how the people here understand self-isolation. They go to the barbecue, walk around the city. People just don’t understand the dangers. Until they see the corpses, until this disaster hangs on their parents, relatives and friends, until they come to understand the horror of this disease. “ – explained the head of the SPSU.

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