Solved: Outlook PST cannot be found Error (3 Simple Steps)

Microsoft Outlook is probably the number one choice for businesses around the world due to all the right reasons. This application comes with advanced features and has a stable software program that often does not crash, making it the preferred choice for personal and organizational use. Just like any other application, MS Outlook has a few issues that, when they occur, can affect the user’s workflow.

The outlook.pst cannot be found error is an error message that can occur when using your Outlook account. The PST file, otherwise known as the Personal Storage table, is a data file with copies of your messages, events, and more.

However, this error occurs when the software is unable to locate a PST file on the system. In this article below, I have mentioned why this issue occurs and the different ways of fixing it. If you want to learn about them, be sure to check out this article until the end. 

Reasons for Outlook PST cannot be found Error

  1. The PST is located on the unavailable mail server
  2. The target PST file is damaged due to system error, computer virus/ malware attack, or other reasons
  3. The PST file has exceeded the default file size limit
  4. The conflict between Outlook and the other software installed on your computer recently

3 Ways to Fix “Outlook.pst cannot be found” Error

Method 1: Check Your Outlook

Typically, you should not exceed the size limit of 15GB. If too much necessary or unimportant data overload your mailbox, it might result in the PST file corruption, and thus you can face an “outlook.pst cannot be found” error. To resolve this issue, follow these steps:

  1. Open Outlook on your Computer
  2. Navigate to File
  3. Now click on the Mailbox Cleanup option 
  4. Next, select the View Mailbox Size option
  5. Select your account under the Folder tab
  6. Now, go to Folder Properties and click on the Folder Size
  7. A pop-up window will appear. 
  8. Now, you can know how much space you have occupied and how much is still available. If it is necessary, then delete some of the Outlook data to free some space. 

Method 2: Repair the PST File

Above I have mentioned that a corrupted .PST file can potentially cause the error to occur. In this case, here is how you can fix the problem:

  1. First, depending on your MS Outlook version, follow on the following paths
  2. If you have a 64-bit Windows 10, follow the path C:\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft Office\root
  3. If you have a 32-bit Windows 10, follow the path C:\Program Files\Microsoft Office\root
  4. Now, open Office
  5. Next, find the SCANPST.EXE file and open it
  6. After you see the Microsoft Outlook Inbox Repair utility, click Browse
  7. Now, go to the directory where the .ost file is stored and open it
  8. Click Start
  9. Wait for it to complete.

Method 3: Create a New PST File

If the issue is not fixed even after repairing your PST file, you need to follow these steps to create a new file. 

  1. Navigate to the Start Menu
  2. Type in and open up the Control Panel
  3. Now, set the View by to Large Icons and then select the Mail option 
  4. Next, click on Show Profiles  and then choose Properties
  5. Give a click on Data Files
  6. Now, select Add and hit the OK button
  7. Choose the newly created data file and click Set as Default
  8. Finally, close the windows and launch MS Outlook on your computer

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