Over 7,000 citizens returned to Ukraine in 24 hours



Over 7,000 citizens returned to Ukraine in 24 hours

During the last day, more than 7,000 Ukrainians returned from abroad from Ukraine.

This is reported by the State Border Service.

“During the day, the border guards carried out more than 12.4 thousand control operations. In total, more than 7 thousand of our compatriots returned to Ukraine during the last day,” said the report.

It should be noted that in the morning, at checkpoints, there are no queues of people traveling with their own means of transport and pedestrians. In the last day, 2.5 thousand people arrived in Ukraine without their own means of transport. For their transportation, vehicles provided by local authorities and state emergency services were involved.

In addition, more than 3.8 thousand people left Ukraine during the day, including more than 1.5 thousand foreigners.

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During the day, border guards, in collaboration with representatives of sanitary quarantine units, carried out a temperature control and a health survey of more than 8.6 thousand people sent to Ukraine. According to the results of an additional checkup by doctors, there were no signs of Covid-19. In addition, in the prescribed manner, informative self-isolation agreements have been developed and relevant memoranda have been provided.


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