MasterCard launches green card program

[ad_1] Due to the use of payment cards, around 5.7 million tonnes of plastic waste is additionally received in landfills around the world Photo: More than three quarters of the world’s people are concerned about the environment and believe that companies should do more to reduce their impact on the planet. The world produces […]


What is a lightweight cloud server – WebTrek

[ad_1] If you are a web developer and are always looking for a service that can make your work easier and faster, improve its quality and allow you to get better results in a much shorter time, you are most likely really looking from Easy Cloud by Seeweb, What is Easy Cloud Server Easy Cloud […]


When Air Travel Will Be Right – Forecast

[ad_1] The carrier estimates that complete reconstruction will take years When air travel is fully restored – forecast. Photo: Global air travel is recovering more slowly than expected. According to carrier forecasts, there will not be a return to pre-epidemic indicators until 2024. For example, the International Air Transport Association (IATA) has pushed back […]