It’s not scary to be wrong: Zelensky supported the teachers of the Pan-Ukrainian school online

-> President Vladimir Zelensky expressed support for teachers participating in the All-Ukrainian School Online project. He said it in a video message. “Besides, I want to support our teachers of the All-Ukrainian School Online project. You are good friends! You overcame the fear of television cameras and became teachers for the whole of Ukraine in […]

PEN Ukraine named three finalists for the Gongadze 2020 Prize

-> In early April, the George Gongadze Prize section nominated three finalists for 2020. They are Roman Vintonov, Pavel Kazarin and Bogdan Logvinenko. This was reported on the PEN Ukraine Facebook page. “You can now get to know them better and discover behind the scenes of their work during online interviews. Conferences broadcast as part […]

Coronavirus at ORDLO: the “authorities of the MRN” addressed to the believers of the “republic” an important appeal

-> Authorities, the so-called “DNR” appealed to believers. The “interdepartmental operational headquarters” of the illegal “republic” called on residents of the occupied territories to refrain from visiting churches. Thus, the “authorities” of the unrecognized republic want to protect local residents from the threat of coronavirus infection. Coronavirus in ORDLO. Stock Photo – This is […]

Give us a direct answer – Arestovich turned to Zelensky about a criminal case against Tatyana Chernovol

-> Well-known military expert and blogger Alexei Arestovich reacted strongly to a criminal case against former MP Tatyana Chernovol. According to Arestovich, the President of Ukraine Vladimir Zelensky “becomes the political enemy of the Maidan”. Alexey Arestovich. Stock Photo – Alexei Arestovich shared his opinion on his page in Facebook reports MFN. Alexei Arestovich […]

Easter – in the top 3 most favorite holidays of Ukrainians

-> In Ukraine, more than 79% of Ukrainians consider Christmas the most popular official holiday, 77% – Easter and 74% – New Year. The next ranking is International Women’s Day, which 40% love. Witness the data from a pan-Ukrainian survey conducted by the International Institute of Sociology in Kiev (KIIS). “The study showed that in […]

How Cynical This Deception – MP Goncharenko Found Zelensky Guilty of Lying

-> MEP Oleksiy Goncharenko said that Ukrainian President Vladimir Zelensky had broken his promise and had to resign. Goncharenko recalled the head of state’s words that he would be ready to resign if a member of his team was involved in a corruption scandal. Alexey Goncharenko. Photo – This is reported by the NPF, […]

How many Ukrainians stop FOP – new data

The creators of the state portal “Diya” shared new figures How many Ukrainian businessmen turned down FOP. Photo: The Ministry of Digital Transformation has shared the first data since the launch of online services for individuals-entrepreneurs on the Dia State Portal. In a week, through a lamp, 415 FOP opened, closed at 368 FOP, […]

Zelensky will he retain power: the astrologer has predicted the end of a possible departure

-> Famous astrologer Vlad Ross has suggested that Vladimir Zelensky would resign from the post of President of Ukraine early. This is reported by the NPF with reference to The astrologer explained what the year 2021 will be for Zelensky. Photo: According to the astrologer, the year 2021 for the Ukrainian leader will […]