One hundred people in South Korea re-infected with coronavirus: the global community is worried

-> Doctors and scientists expected that after coronavirus disease, the body would develop immunity to COVID-19, but statistics show otherwise. Coronavirus. Stock Photo – The director of the Korean Center for Disease Control, Chung Yun Kyon, has reported an alarming trend when people who have already had a coronavirus are infected again. On this […]

Ukrainian doctors can now conduct online consultations

-> On the basis of the entirely Ukrainian system “Clinic without queues”, an online consultation function has been introduced, which allows doctors to consult patients remotely. This was announced to Ukrinform by co-founder of the IT4Medicine group of companies Andrey Zayats. “Until recently, online patient consultations were irrelevant to doctors because there is a usual […]

Here’s how to punctuate the minefield – Foreign Minister Kuleba on negotiations with Russia

-> Ukrainian Foreign Minister Dmitry Kuleba believes that sooner or later the Russian Federation will leave the occupied Donbas and return Crimea to Ukraine. According to the diplomat, it is only a matter of time. He stressed that it was very difficult to negotiate with the Russian Federation and compared them to “walking in a […]

Starling Bank issued a card for joint expenses

Starling Bank has announced a new product Heobank issued a card for joint expenses. Photo: British Nobank Starling Bank has announced a “connected” card, which can be linked to your bank account and transferred to someone else for spending on behalf of the account holder. A replacement debit card was developed in relation to […]

The fight against coronaviruses: in Ukraine launched an information dashboard

-> The Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine has launched an information dashboard informing of the fight against the coronavirus in Ukraine. This was announced by the Deputy Prime Minister for digital transformation, Mikhail Fedorov on his Telegram channel. “An informative dashboard has been launched, providing comprehensive and reliable information on the fight against COVID-19 in […]

How Ukrainians paid with card in March: UPC stats

The number of card transactions increased by 8.6% last month, and transaction volume increased by 10%. According to UPC, the overall growth rate of card transactions slowed significantly in March In March, quarantine was announced against the spread of coronovirus infection in Ukraine. How has this affected consumer behavior? What functions do Ukrainians use most […]