Portnov announced the “start of the war” against the Prosecutor General Venediktova

-> The scandalous Andrei Portnov, deputy head of the presidential administration at the time of Yanukovych, made an unexpected statement concerning the new attorney general, Irina Venediktova. Irina Venediktova. Photo – 24tv.ua Andrei Portnov talked about it in his Telegramwrites “MFN”. According to him, he began to document all the illegal actions of Irina Venediktova […]

State Bank launched a new service to pay for communal services

The bank has launched a new service in connection with nationwide quarantine Payment of a communal apartment by phone: State Bank launches a new service Customers of state-owned private banks will now be able to pay utility bills by calling the bank’s support service at 3700. According to a press release from the financial institution, […]

Parody of Igor Nikolaev and the pirate game: the children of Maxim Galkin and Alla Pugacheva entertain the parents

-> Maxim Galkin with children Lisa and Harry, six, do not leave their parents in quarantine, Alla Pugacheva, 70, and Maxim Galkin, 43. They write songs with the whole family, play sketches, recharge themselves with positive emotions and enjoy simple family joys. So, recently, Maxim Galkin shared several funny videos with children at the same […]

Forties left 40,000 Ukrainians unemployed

-> During the quarantine, more than 40,000 new unemployed people registered with the National Employment Service. This was reported to Ukrinform by the press service of the National Employment Center of Ukraine. “Since the start of the quarantine, more than 40,000 new unemployed people have registered with the employment service,” the report said. It should […]

PrivatBank has changed the way checks are issued at POS-terminals.

According to the financial institution, in March, the bank’s POS-terminals printed more than 100 million checks The Ukrainian state bank changed the issuance of checks. Photo: plusworld.ru After consultation with the state fiscal service and payment systems, PrivatBank refused to print checks at POS terminals. Now it can be printed only when the seller or […]

Military coup is brewing in Russia: Nevzorov talks about the country’s disappointing future

-> Once again, indignation is maturing in Russian society because of the actions of the authorities. Some people may soon take up arms while others are inactive. This could have dire consequences. Alexander Nevzorov. Photo – 53news.ru This opinion was expressed by Alexander Nevzorov in an interview “Echo of Moscow“, Reports” MFN “. “I mean […]

MEP Buzhansky threatens to expose document on coalition agreement between factions “People’s Servant”, “European Solidarity” and “Voices”

-> The scandalous deputy Maxim Buzhansky assures that he will unveil the coalition agreement of the three factions if he does not respond to one of his requests. Maxim Buzhansky. Photo – ua-rating.com It is reported by the “NPF” referring to “112 Ukraine“. For example, according to Buzhansky, information appeared on the parliament’s website that […]