Google will help Ukrainian with distance education

[ad_1] The company launched the Ukrainian-language version of Google for education and provided free access to the premium features of video conferencing applications Google will help Ukrainian teachers with distance learning. Photo: Google introduced the Ukrainian version of the resource to help teachers and students in distance education for the duration of quarantine events. […]

Forum Zupuki will be held online on April 15-16

[ad_1] What is most relevant and important for customers about innovations in public procurement Forum Zakpaki annually gathers key experts, government customers and market participants collectively to understand the most pressing issues in the field of public procurement. This spring will not be an exception. But due to lack of time on offline events, the […]

Capital budget remodeled due to quarantine

[ad_1] Health workers will get surcharge, and transport workers – compensation The capital’s budget was remodeled due to quarantine: whom they would finance. Photo: Kimi Due to strict quarantine measures in the fight against coronoviruses, Kounrad was forced to change the budget and program of the capital’s socio-economic development, allocating $ 300 million to support […]

how ventilation and masks are created at home

[ad_1] An army of volunteers from around the world helps build pandemic weapons Engineers join the fight against COVID19: how ventilation and masks are created at home Starting with protective shields for healthcare workers and ending with valves for artificial respiration devices, enthusiasts make all this at home. Now the technology is focused on fast […]

how to use quarantined cashback

[ad_1] In conditions of self-isolation and massive purchases through the Internet, cashback is becoming an increasingly popular service. Earn money by buying: how to use quarantine cashback Total quarantine gave a second wind to many services – e-commerce has flourished, cashless payments and online services have become much more popular. Among other things, many in […]

what Ukrainians are interested in during the quarantine period

[ad_1] Ukrainians are actively buying laptops, health and beauty products, game consoles Photo: Ukrainians began to buy goods for hobbies and sports more often during the quarantine period. It is reported by OLX. Also in the top 10 most popular products in March appeared products for beauty and health. In addition, Ukrainians began to […]