Paid tests and COVID-19 epidemics: the Ministry of Health answered questions from deputies



Paid tests and COVID-19 epidemics: the Ministry of Health answered questions from deputies

Paid tests and COVID-19 epidemics: the Ministry of Health answered questions from deputies

10.06.2020 22:22


The National Health, Medical Care and Health Insurance Committee has reviewed the measures taken by the Ministry of Health to increase its capacity to control the spread of COVID-19.

It is reported by the Information Department of the Verkhovna Rada.

“The people’s deputies examined the question of the measures taken by the Ukrainian Ministry of Health to apply Ukrainian law“ amending certain legislative acts of Ukraine to improve the capacity of the Ukrainian health care system to combat the spread of coronavirus (COVID-19) ”(No. 587-IX); Chairman (n The Committee on National Health, Medical Assistance and Medical Insurance, Mikhail Radutsky, said that the relevant questions had been sent to the Ministry of Health of Ukraine, to which the committee received written response, “said the statement.

The initiator of the examination of the matter, MP Olga Stefanishina, noted that the implementation of all the laws adopted by this Parliament should be monitored.

According to her, the issue of coronavirus disease (COVID-19) remains topical, despite the relaxation of quarantine, because, according to the forecasts of the Ministry of Health, “we will constantly observe outbreaks of the disease until ‘that a vaccine be found and that it not be distributed to the population’.

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“Practice shows that one of the ways to deter COVID-19 is by testing, and the law we are discussing today was specifically aimed at helping the government of the country, the Ministry of Health, to carry out tests. large scale of the population, “noted the deputy.

However, according to her, we have so far seen a slight increase in the number of tests in Ukraine and the queue in the laboratories.

Deputy Minister of Health Irina Mikichak reported on the implementation of the law and the situation regarding COVID-19 testing.

According to her, a mechanism has been approved to identify health establishments intended for the hospitalization of patients with COVID-19; hospitalization algorithms for these patients have been approved at the ministry and local levels, but there is a problem that not all hospitals adhere to them; medical personnel are constantly trained with the help of international experts and charitable foundations; Depending on the current situation, the algorithm for screening and welcoming people with symptoms is constantly updated; There is constant contact with the regions and a network of specialized institutions has been approved and adapted in the event of a large increase in COVID-19.

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According to Mikichak, the volume of tests is constantly increasing, but the biggest problem is the staff of virologists. According to her, this is due to the abolition of the sanitary and epidemiological service, with which the units of the laboratories of particularly dangerous infections were liquidated. To solve the problem in the Lviv regions, Zhytomyr and Rivne involved laboratories of educational establishments, individual companies.

The ministry is studying international experience and is in close contact with the World Health Organization, said the speaker.

Mikichak also answered questions from people’s deputies regarding referrals for paid coronavirus tests before being admitted to non-infectious health facilities.

The representative of the Ministry of Health stressed the need to carry out tests before hospitalization, since most of the infected doctors work in non-specialized medical establishments. “It is forced and it should certainly be a free analysis,” said Mikichak, adding that local authorities should be involved in this, opening local laboratories.

Mikichak underlined that the number of tests increased tenfold and that in different fields, the situation with the tests was very different, because “all those who had the opportunity to participate in the test did not do it”.

According to her, the system works and today the death rate in Ukraine is low.

According to the VR device’s information administration, Radutsky noted that the Ministry of Health, as the licensing body, had more authority than the local authorities. “The Ministry of Health should intervene in the situation and not only deal with, but also monitor how it is going on the ground,” said the chairman of the committee.

The Committee took note of the information provided by the Ministry of Health.

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