Pandemic 2020: mobile shops and special taxis for doctors



Pandemic 2020: mobile shops and special taxis for doctors

Tens of millions of hryvnias have already been allocated for medical equipment and arouse a “fighting spirit”

With huge losses – manifestations of unprecedented generosity in complicity, and incredible news are almost not surprised. Recently, Tesla and SpaceX founder Elon Musk bought and delivered over 1,000 fans to California (yes, they are rare in the United States). California Governor Gavin Newsome called Mask’s efforts “heroic.” No less heroic efforts by the Ukrainian company which, under conditions of unprecedented restrictions, allocates funds to the common fight against the virus. News on charity in various forms appears almost daily.


The first losses began to experience travel and airlines. When the city of Wuhan was closed for quarantine, SkyUp responded to the government’s request to organize an evacuation flight for our fellow citizens. “To make the flight, 3 crews of 17 people were made up of volunteers: 6 pilots, 10 hostesses and 1 technician. Despite the potential health risks, many more people wanted to make this difficult flight, “said Natalya Kalinichenko, the company’s public relations manager. The airline has equipped the crew with special means of protection and insured everyone in the event of disability.

Pandemic 2020: mobile shops and special taxis for doctors

In total, since the closure of flights with Ukraine, SkyUp has made 287 special flights for the return of Ukrainians to their homes from March 16 to 25. Some of them are flights ordered by JoinUP! for the return of its tourists, the rest – in agreement with the state institutions. “151 other special flights are planned for the return of our citizens,” says Natalya. According to her, for this, the airline supplies its planes and its crews, whose work is remunerated independently. “We set the cost of tickets for these flights at the minimum rate that the airline can apply to reimburse the costs of flights. Even if for some flights, we don’t even cover the cost, ”she explains. “As a socially responsible company, we understand that only by combining the efforts of the state, business and civil society can we meet the challenges we face today.”


Recently, the coordination of activists, patients, volunteers and corporate activities was undertaken by the Patienti Charity Fund of Ukraine – he launched the website for this. According to him, the need for number 1 today – personal protective equipment for doctors – special suits, masks, glasses, gloves. In second position, we find mechanical ventilation devices (IVL), expensive equipment that only large companies can afford.

Pandemic 2020: mobile shops and special taxis for doctors

Large companies – large contributions. Nova Poshta has already donated 25 million UAH to fight the coronavirus – they will buy equipment to fight the coronavirus in Poltava and the Poltava region. TM Parimatch and the PM Foundation, an international charitable foundation, have allocated 10 million UAH for the needs of 13 support hospitals in the regions of Kiev, Lviv, Chernivtsi and Ivano-Frankivsk. They will buy personal protective equipment for medical personnel (antiseptics, face masks, respirators, coveralls, etc.) and mechanical ventilation devices. The company views this action as an investment in the future of Ukraine. “Today, the whole world has come together to solve a global problem – COVID-19.

Pandemic 2020: mobile shops and special taxis for doctors

Helping doctors and creating conditions for the treatment of our citizens is our direct responsibility, “said Vadim Misyura, representative of Parimatch in Ukraine. The current situation is not limited to medical problems: world sport is going through an unprecedented crisis, it is not known how long the quarantine will last and when sporting events will resume., normal sports life.Parimatch, winner of the special prize “For an exceptional contribution to the development and popularization of Ukrainian sports” (program “Person of the year 2019 “), as part of the PM Education Rmy educational platform with the support of, held the first online Sport Parler Club conference.” It is important today to think about how to proceed after the recovery We therefore continue to organize educational events for the sports industry, “says Vadim Misyura. Sports Talk Club is planned as a series of online events in which Ukrainian and international experts will discuss solutions that will help the sports industry survive 2020 with minimal losses.

Whole industries and regions are joining forces against the coronavirus. In the Cherkasy region, volunteers and businessmen have created the “Spilnodіya Cherkashchini” platform and a joint fund, to which MHP and the Lebedinsky seed factory have already contributed. 14 million UAH from the MHP were spent on the supply of hospital equipment, personal protective equipment and medicines at regional and national levels. The Vinnichchina 2020 Fund, recently created with the participation of majority deputies, businessmen and the Vinnitsa regional administration, received an additional 15 million from the MHP. They were sent to buy 19 sets of ventilators and protective equipment for hospitals in the region. The bottom line is that the farm, together with local self-government, counteracts panic – it supplies products intensively to its social stores in the regions of Kiev, Vinnitsa and Cherkasy. “We support uninterrupted deliveries to mobile and fixed stores, people are waiting for them,” says Anna Kurenkova, head of external communications for MHP. “Local MPs, OTG chiefs often drive their own cars to the elderly who find it difficult to get to the store.” According to Anna, in two districts in the Cherkasy region alone, mobile stores serve more than 40 villages and about 7,000 retirees rely on social goods here. “The premises are now constantly disinfected and we ask customers to keep a distance,” says Anna.


Despite the “special transportation” that medical workers have recently traveled through the passes, there are enough problems. Activists of the voluntary cat “Pidzezi Medic” and many local groups to find travel companions, gathered in Viber and Telegram, partially help the medical personnel. For its part, the Ministry of Health proposed the assistance initiative, the taxi services and the sponsors joined it. OKKO volunteered to pay for medical workers’ trips to 7 cities in the country: Kiev, Odessa, Lviv, Dnipro, Kharkov, Zaporozhye and Vinnitsa. “Help is provided through three taxi services. In general, they decided to provide fuel for 50,000 trips, “the company’s press service told Ukrinform.

Pandemic 2020: mobile shops and special taxis for doctors

How to use the service – enter the list of medical institutions and people who are entitled to it (compiled in collaboration with local authorities), receive and enter a promotional code, it is painted on the sites of the Uber and Uklon project partners. A promotional code – 10 trips. “How many of them have already been used, we don’t know yet – we will collect service data once a week. Judging by the comments on our official Facebook page, the service is very relevant,” said the representative of the company Daria Yanchenko. OKKO also managed to buy 8 mechanical ventilation devices. In the near future, four of them will be transferred to Stryi hospital, which is set as the benchmark for several areas in treatment four coronavirus patients will go to different hospitals in Lviv.


The Lviv IT cluster, created in 2010, has been actively involved in the fight against the pandemic. It seems that quarantine does the least harm to this industry – software developers can work without problems, even at home, even from the beach. The other day, its participant – the computer company Intellias – announced its intention to buy 10,000 rapid tests for the diagnosis of coronavirus. The company has long since transferred its employees to remote work. “We believe it is no less important and urgent to curb the spread of the virus at this time than to prepare medical facilities for the treatment of patients,” said Intellias co-founder Mikhail Puzrakov.

Pandemic 2020: mobile shops and special taxis for doctors

An additional 10,000 express tests are purchased by the IT company Lviv N-iX, in total it will cost 2 million UAH. One of the main companies in the sector, SoftServe allocates 10 million UAH to support medical facilities. Funds from the Vidkritі Ochі Corporate Charitable Fund will go to medical needs in the locations where the company’s offices are located (Lviv, Chernivtsi, Dnipro, Ivano-Frankivsk, Kharkov, Kiev, Rivne). “It is now very important for Ukrainian entrepreneurs to come together, as we always do in difficult times,” said Taras Vervega, co-founder and member of the board of directors of SoftServe. “We have assembled a separate team of people who are working on purpose to study the situation in the cities where our offices are located and to study the most urgent needs, the need for medical equipment, medicines, etc.”

And in Vinnitsa, the employees of the Territorial Social Service Center, in collaboration with the IT company Playtika, organized the distribution of hot meals to the elderly (representatives of the IT company offered help). Once a week, they will receive food from a local restaurant. 350 servings are distributed per day.


Not everyone can afford to buy mechanical ventilation, but there are different ways to associate with good deeds. The capital service for the selection of nannies “Parasolka” has promised to take care of children whose parents will suffer from the disease and will be hospitalized free of charge. The Kharkov ecotourism store “Bilka – green pansies in dyi” sews cotton masks for free (they ask to pay only for the material).

Pandemic 2020: mobile shops and special taxis for doctors

The online music magazine “Rumor” has launched an online concert marathon, Jamal and Hardkiss soloist Julia Sanina have already given concerts at home. The hotel “Central Magnat” in Chernivtsi in connection with many cancellations of reservation offers a free night. “If you or your loved ones are in a difficult situation due to the cancellation of flights, blocking of borders, for health reasons, we are ready to offer you an overnight stay on the condition” of not winning, but ‘help’, wrote its owner Sergei Skobun on the social network page. And the founder of one of the biggest branding agencies Fedoriv Andrei Fedoriv opened free access to the author’s educational marketing course ‘Papa Brenda “Brands that change business are necessary before, during and after the crisis,” he said. Alena Romaniuk, editor of the information campaign For That Bik Novin, initiated the creation of a platform on which counterfeits are quickly refuted. on the coronavirus – “For this bik pandemii” ( It is a voluntary project that journalists and verifiers from the teams “For this Novel Bik” (ІРРП), “Без бредні”, are working to clean up the information space of “sensations”, “Our money. Lviv “,” Kavun.City “and” Letters “.

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