Pandemic group of December 1: before and peak of humanity



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The “First December” initiative group stresses that the Ukrainians must overcome the crisis associated with the stronger coronavirus, and the only way to achieve this is mercy and humanity.

This is indicated in the Group’s call.

“The peak of the epidemic is yet to come – how is the most important test before us that we have to pass: the test of humanity. Since the announcement of the quarantine, people have generally chosen their own behavior. Someone pledged to help the weak and elderly or to serve doctors and nurses who entered the main line of the epidemiological front, someone bought and transferred unique equipment to hospitals, while some were are rushed to enrich themselves cynically by exporting masks, which are also missing in Ukraine, or by importing the resale of spoiled goods. There were also those who find their “heroism” by completely ignoring the danger, thus bringing it closer actively “, noted the authors of the appeal.

At the same time, it is emphasized that the greatest challenge will be for those on whom the vital functions of the social body depend: the health system, state bodies and local self-government, social and pastoral care, the network of trade and transportation, economic services, telephone and Internet communications, as well as after all, a funeral home. “It will depend on each of them, whether we maintain ourselves as one social organism or, on the contrary, whether we collapse into small fragments saturated with fear, aggression and selfishness,” the group noted on December 1. , adding that there could come a time when all social diversity comes down to a decisive difference: between those who remain human beings and those who lose their human appearance.

The authors of the appeal warn the Ukrainians that “the selfish posture seems to save only at first glance, because when a public body collapses, the danger is multiplied by a hundred”, and solidarity, empathy and support mutuals are the only things that can become a lifesaving “airbag” for everyone.

Therefore, as indicated in the call, you can also join hands from a distance. “Let political antagonisms weaken and let the first seeds of confidence appear in the general fight against a pandemic. Epidemiological discipline must not be replaced by an abuse of power. Quarantine must isolate us from the virus, not from the sympathy for the person. Each word of gratitude and support will act as a healing balm. Each word of good humor will restore our spiritual balance “, wished the group for” December 1st “.

The callers state that in this struggle there will be those who will not survive, but they will point out that it is better to piece together the new “Heavenly Hundred” of those who have found self-sacrifice to save the community than to die in everyone’s curses and hatred.

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“We still don’t really know what caused nature’s current viral attack. We have to learn a lesson that we still have to formulate. However, we already know today that we have to get out of this crisis more. And the only way for this is mercy, humanity. Therefore, spiritual the criterion for the development of human civilization is not technological achievements, but primarily our ability to love another person as ourselves “, declared the declaration signed by Olya Gnatyuk, Vladimir Ermolenko, Yevgeny Zakharov, Joseph Zisels, Ig Kozlovsky pb, Miroslav Marinović, Igor Yukhnovsky Jaroslav Yatskiv.

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The initiative group “December 1” is an association created on the 20th anniversary of the referendum for the independence of Ukraine by famous intellectuals and personalities.

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