Pandemic medal to appear in Ukraine



Pandemic medal to appear in Ukraine

A special award medal “For dedicated work in the fight against a pandemic” will appear in Ukraine. It will be awarded by doctors, police, volunteers, civil servants and all those who organize and actively participate in the fight against the pandemic.

This was announced by Alexander Sopov, director of PTO “Command” during an online briefing, which was broadcast on the Ukrinform YouTube channel.

“The Medal of Honor and Service” is for those who spare no effort, and sometimes life, direct their efforts to fight the coronavirus pandemic, which has now swept the world, “said Sopov.

He said that this award will be international, so the registration is done in Latin.

“I cannot even list all those who have joined together in the fight against coronaviruses worldwide. There has never been such cohesion. And it would be good for the world to take advantage of this not very pleasant occasion to understand that our earth is so small in the event of a disaster, “said Sopov.

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According to him, it has not yet been decided on whose behalf this award will be given, but has suggested that the National Security and Defense Council and the Ministry of Health could join the initiative. Although there is only a sketch of the price, but after a week, Sopov has promised to present it to the public.

PTO “Order” is a manufacturer of state and departmental awards in Ukraine. All government awards and ministerial awards developed by the PTO “Order” are approved by the State and Heraldic Awards Commission.

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