Pandemic will accelerate transition to digital technology – expert



Pandemic will accelerate transition to digital technology - expert

The social consequences of the pandemic for Ukraine could be an accelerated transition to digital technology and distance education.

Such an opinion in an interview with the publication “Left Bank” was expressed by the sociologist, professor, doctor of philosophy Evgeny Golovakha

“For Ukraine, this is an accelerated transition to digital technology – something that has recently put aside the” cabinet dreamers “. Now we will have to go without additional injections, because there simply has nowhere to go, “said Golovakha.

According to him, distance education will develop and improve, which will seriously compete with conventional educational establishments.

“I wrote once, for example, that distance education is the only way to achieve the equal opportunities declared by the Liberals. Everyone, anywhere in the world, will be able to obtain modern knowledge from the best teachers, ”said the professor.

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According to him, it must be understood that the epidemic is historically a very important element in the development of all living things, and the virus is a kind of source of evolution, one of its important mechanisms.

“There would be no man if there were no virus. In the human genome, a mass of fragments obtained from a variety of viruses. We still don’t know what function they perform, but it has happened. Viruses eliminate the weak in many forms, they constantly change the situation and push us to change, “said Golovakha.

The scientist considers a historical example as an epidemic of plague, which led to the decline of Rome and Byzantium and the opening of a new page in the history of mankind. In the 14th century, the plague also played a huge role in the formation of Renaissance culture and the abolition of serfdom in Europe.

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“We must finally admit that such bouts of morbidity are an integral part of our existence, and that we must be ready to face them at any time in all areas – medical, managerial, informational, psychological,” Golovakha concluded.

As reported by Ukrinform, as of April 14, 3,372 cases of Covid-19 had been laboratory confirmed in Ukraine, 98 of them were fatal, 119 patients have recovered. 270 new cases were registered per day.

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