Panic on the streets and hell in hospitals: Russia hits coronavirus anti-records



Russia is advancing rapidly in the so-called world ranking of countries with the highest number of infected coronaviruses. Since April 16, the Russian Federation has ranked 14th on this terrible list.

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Coronavirus in Russia.
Russia has implemented a new “anti-registration” for coronaviruses. Photo:

The total number of confirmed cases of infection in Russia increased to 27,938. It was not until the last day, according to the Ministry of Health of the Russian Federation, that the number of infected people increased by 3,448. . In addition, 34 deaths were recorded per day, which is the largest since the epidemic.

Moscow continues to keep pace with the spread of the disease. In the Russian capital, 1,370 people fell ill every day.

According to the Russian authorities, over the entire period of the pandemic in the country, 232 people died, 2,304 were able to recover.

Local doctors note that among people there is unprecedented panic. At the slightest rise in temperature, the Russians call the doctors at home or rush to the hospitals themselves. In hospitals, because of this, a real “hell” has formed.

Metro stations in the Russian capital are full of passengers who do not follow the rules and do not maintain a safe distance between people.

The Moscow metro is crowded.
The Moscow metro is crowded with people who violate all safety standards. Photo:

There is also a huge concentration of people near hospitals. as people rush to get tested for coronavirus.

Earlier it was reported that it was not even with the Soviet idiots.

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