Paper tin will go into digital: Dia has announced a new service


Electronic RNUKPN will have the same legal force as paper


Paper Tin will go into digital: Dia has announced a new service. Photo:

Ukrainians will be able to use RNUKPN (previously identification code or TIN) confirmation ID card and birth certificate.

In addition, RNUKPN (registration number of the taxpayer’s registration card) will soon be displayed in electronic form, the Ministry of Digital Transformation said.

“Yesterday, Verkhovna Rada adopted an amendment to the tax code, paving the way for the legalization of an electronic tin,” wrote Mikhail Fedorov, Minister of Digital Transformation in his Telegram channel.

According to the politician, the tax number may soon be added to the Dia State application, a separate electronic document that can be shared with government agencies using QR codes and push notifications. Currently, TIN is already available in electronic passport.

According to the Finance Ministry, RNUKPN on ID-card and birth certificate will have the same legal force as the certificate of assignment of taxpayer number.

The Ministry of Digital Transformation noted that the certificate, along with the Russian National University of Political Sciences, is the most popular among Ukrainians – currently there are over 40 million such documents.

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Earlier, we have written that the creators of the state explained the malfunction of the application for self-isolation and observation of “do-it-yourself”. According to the service’s support, potential problems with its functionality are caused by “regular maintenance”.

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