Parents Received Quarantine Advice Regarding Kindergartens



Parents Received Quarantine Advice Regarding Kindergartens

06.06.2020 18:54


The Public Health Center has published recommendations for visiting kindergartens in the context of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Advice published on Facebook by the Public Health Center.

“When bringing and taking the child, parents must use a protective mask and observe the physical distance (at least one meter) with other people. Do not allow the child to take toys from home to kindergarten and take kindergarten toys, “as recommended.

The Center for Public Health noted that in kindergartens, they must comply with the requirements of the decree of the Chief Medical Officer of Health of Ukraine dated 05.21.2020 “On the approval of temporary recommendations for the organization of anti-epidemic measures in pre-school education for the quarantine period related to the spread of coronavirus disease (COVID-nineteen) “.

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It should be noted that if the child has respiratory symptoms (cough, runny nose, sore throat), even if they are barely expressed, the baby should not be taken to kindergarten.

“Otherwise, you will endanger caregivers, other children, and their families. If you have respiratory symptoms in a child, be sure to contact your family doctor or pediatrician,” they say at the health center.

In addition, when using hand antiseptics, you need to pay attention to the age, according to the manufacturer’s instructions, this product can be used by a child.

“It is the parents who should be an example to the child by observing the rules of physical distance, hand hygiene, respiratory hygiene and cough etiquette,” said the report.

As reported by Ukrinform, from May 25 in Ukraine, it is allowed to resume work in kindergartens.

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