Park, stall, beauty salon: what will open in Kiev on 12 May


Klitschko presented a plan for the first phase of weakening quarantine in Kiev

Park, Stoll, Beauty Salon: What will open in Kiev on 12 May. Photo:

Vitaly Klitschko, the head of the Kyiv City State Administration, talked about a plan to weaken quarantine in Kiev. During the briefing, he emphasized that this is not a weight of sanctions, but reports his exemption, NV.

According to the politician, they plan to begin the first phase of weakening quarantine on May 12 if the number of people infected with coronovirus does not increase.

Vitaly Klitschko

In the first phase in Kiev will be able to resume work:

  1. Non-food stores up to 300 sqm. With the requirement of presence of more than 1 visitor per 1 square meter of the campus area and compulsory sanitary treatment of the campus twice a day.
  2. Hairdresser & Beauty Salon. They will only be able to start appointments for each service and more than just one client at a time. With the need for workplace hygiene (or quartzization) after each client.
  3. Can take cafes and restaurants. With the need for sanitary treatment of the campus twice a day.
  4. Stalls. With a ban on the use of food items on the spot.
  5. Small non-food production and consumer services (Studio, domestic services and others). Subject to the requirement of not having more than one employee per 10 sq.m and no more than one customer per 10 sq.m.
  6. Law and Notary Office, Auditor. With the requirement of not having more than one visitor per 10 square meters of the complex.
  7. Rajdhani Park and Squares. You cannot walk in a group of more than two people. Or, if with children, two adults, two children.
  8. Car theater

note. Large shopping centers and their stores will not function in the first phase.

Vitaly Klitschko

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Earlier it was reported that the Ministry of Health has developed a draft proposal on reintroducing 280 food markets during quarantine with the protection of vendors and visitors. Health Minister Maxim Stepanov stressed that this is a serious step towards weakening quarantine, so the functioning of markets is required to comply with all preventive requirements, including: no more than one buyer per 10 sqm; Cleaning and disinfection of all rooms at the end of each working day; Lack of smooth trade in market adjacent regions; Distance between vendors’ jobs – at least three meters; Protective screen between sellers and buyers.

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