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The purpose of the bill is to ensure the use of funds from the COVID-19 fund

Deputies updated state budget 2020 approved

Verkhovna Rada adopted the second reading and, as a whole, amended the law on the state budget for 2020, intended to counter the coronavirus COVID-19. behind Bill no 3509 331 MPs voted.

The purpose of the Bill is to ensure the use of funds from the Fund to improve COVID-19 and its resultant transport communication, building, reconstruction and repair of state public highways.

An explanatory note of the law states that the implementation of the law will contribute to improving the transport accessibility of the country’s regions, making it possible to create about 12.6 thousand new jobs in the road sector and about 50.4 thousand new jobs in related sectors.

On April 22, the Cabinet of Ministers approved the process of using the funds of the COVID-19 Anti-Fighting Fund in the amount of approximately $ 65 billion, envisaged by the 2020 state budget.

Specifically, the government will allocate $ 29.7 billion for pensions, $ 15.8 billion for physicians, approximately $ 9 billion for social security and unemployment, 1.6 billion dollars to support FLP children, 3D. 3 UAH billion – 2.2 billion UAH for health care, sick pay.

According to the memorandum with the IMF, the State Audit Service of Ukraine, along with external auditors, should conduct the audit of the fund’s expenditure СOVID-19. The fund should be audited at the time of closure, but 12 months after its creation (at the end of March 2021). In addition, the fund can operate as long as the situation requires it, but no later until December 31, 2020.

On 19 June, Finance Minister Sergei Marchenko will talk to COVID Fund about the cost of the fund in Verkhovna Rada.

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We previously wrote that according to the January-April results of the current year, the state budget was implemented with a shortfall of 23.5 billion, with the General Fund – a decrease of 33 billion, which, according to the Finance Ministry of Ukraine , “Corresponds to budget figures”.

The Ministry of Finance cited figures from the State Treasury Service that in April 2020, Ukraine’s state budget received $ 90.9 billion. 42.7 billion of these funds came from the UAH National Bank, which, by law, transfers part of its profits to the state budget.

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