Parliament overturned sanctions for traffic violation



Parliament overturned sanctions for traffic violation

The Verkhovna Rada adopted Law “No. 2809” on amendments to the Ukrainian Code on administrative offenses concerning penalty points “.

The corresponding decision was supported by 302 deputies, reports the correspondent of Ukrinform.

The purpose of adopting this document is to eliminate the negative effects of certain laws on the adoption of road traffic compliance measures by its participants, as well as to ensure that those who commit administrative offenses are effectively brought to justice. cause.

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According to the law, the rules relating to the action of administrative sanctions in the form of penalty points imposed on citizens for offenses in the field of road safety recorded in automatic mode are excluded from the Code of Administrative Offenses. This applies in particular to paragraph 21 of the first part of article 24 (Types of administrative sanctions), to the second part of article 27 (Sanctions), to article 27-1 (Points of sanctions) , as well as in the paragraph of the second part of the first and second articles 122 of the Code of administrative offenses (exceeding driving speed limits, prohibition of the traffic control signal and violation of other traffic rules).

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