Parliament passed bill on mass testing for coronaviruses and social protection for doctors



At today’s extraordinary parliamentary meeting, Bill 3380 “Amending Certain Ukrainian Laws to Increase the Capacity of the Ukrainian Health System to Combat COVID-19 Coronavirus” was basically and generally adopted.

Verkhovna Rada
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It is reported by the “MFN”.

336 MPs voted in favor of this bill. An MP voted against. The adopted document provides:

  • the possibility of starting mass Ukrainian tests for coronavirus (in particular, all people who seek help for symptoms of coronavirus will be tested; all people who have contacted patients with COVID-19; doctors treating patients with coronavirus; employees of the national police, the national guard and all those involved in implementing anti-epidemic measures)
  • strengthen the capacity and supply of hospitals that treat patients with coronavirus
  • protect and improve the working conditions of doctors and medical staff
  • the ability to attract trainees and physicians without treatment qualification for the treatment of coronavirus on a voluntary basis in the treatment of patients with COVID-19
  • doctors who self-isolate after contact with coronavirus patients save 100% salary
  • Be sure to teach doctors how to use personal protective equipment

Recall that we wrote earlier that the parliamentary meeting will be held on May 7.

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