Parliament scandal: Razumkov put Poroshenko in place (video)



In the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine, a real scandal broke out. The European Solidarity faction decided to provoke against the speaker Dmitry Razumkov. Petro Poroshenko and his associates received a refusal from the “Servant of the People”.

The Verkhovna Rada
The Verkhovna Rada. Photo –

It is reported Politeka, reports “MFN”.

The representative of “European Solidarity” Alexey Goncharenko went to the podium and said that his party was not satisfied with the place where they had been put to work. He complained that he had been “put on a gallery”. In response, Razumkov called on European solidarity to “work, not sit”.

In addition, Petro Poroshenko demanded to give him more time to speak, which he was refused by Razumkov. Poroshenko and his associates decided to protest and massively went to the podium to chat with Razumkvy and Vice President Ruslan Stefanchuk. Poroshenko tried to pressure them, but it didn’t work for him.

Razumkov noted that such disciplinary problems in the Verkhovna Rada are observed only for “European solidarity”.

The incident ended with Poroshenko’s failure, and Razumkov stressed that “European solidarity should sit where it sat”, indicating to Poroshenko his place.

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