Participants in an anti-terrorist operation in Nikolaev publicly humiliate the person: the offended combatants have taken extreme measures



At Nikolaev, participants in a radical-minded counterterrorism operation treated the driver of a shuttle rigidly. For refusing free service, the man was publicly humiliated and posted a bullying file on the Internet.

Certificate of participation in hostilities
Certificate of participation in hostilities. Photos –

It is reported by “Dialogue“, Reports” MFN “.

Alexander Bespalov, a veteran and disabled ATO, became a participant in the driver dispute, who refused to do so on a preferential basis. A dispute broke out between the men and the ATO veteran was stabbed. After that, the veteran turned to his comrades and together they “sculpted” the driver and publicly humiliated him, forcing him to kneel and apologize.

Sure see You can see how a group of young people get the driver to kneel. During this, they warned other citizens that they would do the same with anyone who disrespectfully dealt with the military. Apparently, law enforcement officials considered the incident to have been resolved and no further proceedings followed.

Let us recall, as indicated previously, that the United States recognized the popular organization of the Russian Federation as terrorist: Western measures against the radicals.



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