Participants in the “Stop Rematch” action passed under Zelensky’s house



Participants in the “Stop Rematch” action passed under Zelensky’s house


05.24.2020 16:54


Participants in the “Stop Rematch” action, which started at 2:00 p.m. in Kiev’s Independence Square, came to President Vladimir Zelensky’s house on Grushevsky Street to read their requests.

This was reported by the Ukrinform correspondent.

Several thousand participants gathered under the presidential building. They expressed their demands for power and sang the anthem of Ukraine. The situation is calm. Now the protesters are speaking at a rally near the house. In particular, the former deputy Tatyana Chernovol takes the floor.

The fence around the house on 9A Grushevskogo Street was pasted with posters with symbols of the National Corps.

“Stop Rematch” action in Kiev / Photo: Pavel Bagmut, Ukrinform

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Before that, on Independence Square, the demonstrators organized a rally, then marched in a column along Grushevsky Street. On the way, the demonstrators chanted: “Glory to Ukraine – Glory to heroes”, “Ukraine – above all”, Ukrainian patriotic songs rang.

As Ukrinform reported, the organizer of the “Stop Rematch” action is the resistance movement of surrender. The action is scheduled for the anniversary of Zelensky’s presidency.

Among the demands of the protesters, in particular, to end the “Kremlin surrender policy”, release the baseless Maydan activists, volunteers, volunteers, end the “attack on the Ukrainian language “and adhere to the linguistic legislation, and restore the dynamic rapprochement of Ukraine with NATO and the EU.

On Sunday May 24, police stepped up security measures in central Kiev as part of the mass rally.

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