Pashka, selling a Mercedes: social network users openly mock the UOC-MP because of their position on the cornavirus



No one was doubtless surprised that the priests of the Moscow Patriarchate, disregarding all the recommendations, continue to organize mass demonstrations in the territory of their churches.

This is reported by the NPF with reference to

The priests of the MPU MP violate the quarantine.
The church in an epidemic is the most dangerous place. Photo:

The result is not long in coming. The ranks of the Russian church clergy began to mow the coronavirus. Only in Kiev Pechersk Lavra there are already more than nine dozen patients. Kiev city hall was forced to completely close the monastery for visits.

Social media users did not miss the opportunity to mock the priests of the UOC MP, as evidenced by the mocking comments and jokes that appeared in the Ukrainian segment of Facebook.

Famous cartoonist Sergey Elkin has published a new drawing on the web, which shows a pop waving a censer in the form of a Chinese coronavirus molecule.

The method of distribution of the coronavirus.

Another designer on the Internet, Bogdan Protsishin, simply represented Metropolitan Pavel with a molecule of coronavirus on a magnificent cap.

“Pasha, sell a Mercedes,” – mischievously offered to Metropolitan Pavel Leonid Shvets. He therefore advised to resolve the church’s problems with the money that arose because of the coronavirus; not by collecting donations from the laity, but by selling a luxury car.

“The Russian Church has always helped the crown”, – journalist Ayder Muzhdabaev recalled the long-standing historical link of such a church with the authorities.

Earlier, it was reported that Armen Dzhigarkhanyan had severely criticized Putin for his aggression against Ukraine.

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