Patient sorting algorithm launched in hospitals – epidemiologist



Patient sorting algorithm launched in hospitals - epidemiologist

In order not to overload the medical system and to save time for preparation, patients with COVID-19 are hospitalized on a selective basis.

About it in an interview with Ukrinform, said the epidemiologist, president of the Pan-Ukrainian Union of public organizations “Ukrainian Health and Epidemiological Union” Lyudmila Mukharskaya.

“Personal protective equipment for doctors and equipment is purchased, the hospital is deployed and redesigned. All regions are preparing for a possible increase, I repeat, in cases of illness,” she said.

According to the epidemiologist, quarantine is necessary so that there is no simultaneous filling of hospitals with patients, because the health system may not be able to bear a heavy load.

At the start of the quarantine in Ukraine, noted Mukharskaya, all those who had a coronavirus were hospitalized.

“When the number of patients increased significantly, a sorting algorithm was introduced – patients with mild symptoms are not hospitalized, they receive medical advice on an outpatient basis, being on self-isolation”, a- she explained.

The epidemiologist added that patients who really need equipment or therapeutic help are hospitalized. The doctor consulted by the patient decides on the form of the illness and whether to go to the hospital.

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Mukharskaya assured that Ukrainian medical institutions are now functioning normally.

“The system can fail when more than 10 to 12,000 patients need to be hospitalized. Today the hospitals are faring so far and we hope we will not collapse, “she said.

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