Patriarch Kirill “cordially congratulated” the Russians on the solemn day of the start of the Great Patriotic War



Not a day goes by without the representatives of the team of Russian President Vladimir Putin being dishonored by their absurd statements.

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Patriarch Kirill made a mistake.
Patriarch Kirill “warmly” congratulated the Russians on the solemn day of the outbreak of war. Photo:

And today, June 22, the day of the barbaric attack on fascist Germany against the USSR, the patriarch of Moscow and all of Russia, Kirill became famous for his “sincere” ambiguous congratulations to the Russians on ” solemn day “of the start of the Great Patriotic War.

“May the Lord incline his mercy towards our homeland, our people and our armed forces. On a memorable, dismal, but solemn day, I congratulate you all warmly. “ – said Patriarch Kirill.

With these congratulations, the patriarch spoke on June 22 in front of the recently inaugurated church of the Armed Forces of Russia. A message on this subject was published by the Russian edition of the Present.

It was a mistake or not, until no one explained it.

It should be noted that the event brought together the head of the Kremlin, Putin and the Russian Minister of Defense Shoigu.

Netizens immediately responded to Patriarch Kirill’s outrageous congratulations with angry comments.

“Well, and what was it?” Someone else is surprised – for example, nothing surprises me, just a shock. Is it some kind of mockery or what? But Putin and Shoigu pretended to be like this. Solemn day ??? How not ashamed to say that? As soon as possible? Is it a vacation for everyone? They just went crazy. “ – Simple Russians comment on Cyril’s congratulations.

Earlier, it was reported that Putin was firmly in place because of Ukraine.



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