Patterns by Tatyana Yakunova – today on a thematic doodle!



Patterns by Tatyana Yakunova - today on a thematic doodle!

Patterns by Tatyana Yakunova – today on a thematic doodle!


05.21.2020 16:30


Ukrinform is pleased to present the author of the Google “embroidered” doodle – illustrator Tatyana Yakunova, daughter of our famous colleague, journalist Yevgeny Yakunov

Today in Ukraine is the day of embroidery. Google congratulated the Ukrainians on the holidays with a luminous doodle with authentic patterns, drawn by Tatyana Yakunova, the illustrator of the journalist Ukrinform Yevgeny Yakunov. Ukrinform spoke with the author of the doodle, who had previously collaborated with world-renowned companies, about how the creative process was.

How did the collaboration start?

As soon as the global computer giant launched its next holiday doodle, thousands of Ukrainians recognized in its image the characteristic author’s hand of Tatyana Yakunova, already a well-known Ukrainian illustrator who works in the creative industry. for almost 10 years. Among its clients are well known companies such as Coca-Cola, Visa Gold, Unit 9, Xerox, Marvell App, Invision, “Vidavnitsvo Old Lev”. She has received a number of professional awards, including winning the American Communication Arts 2020 international competition, the Applied Arts Award 2020 international art competition (Canada) and others.

Patterns by Tatyana Yakunova - today on a thematic doodle!

Tatyana Yakunova

In a conversation with a correspondent from Ukrinform, Tatyana admits that when she wrote to the artistic director of the central Google office Angelica Mackinley and invited to draw a doodle dedicated to the day of embroidery, it was a pleasant surprise for her.

“I was very happy! There were no significant restrictions on the illustration – only technical, because the size of the doodle itself was 200×500 pixels, because it should be displayed well on both large screens And on the phone. The main wish is to integrate the word Google in the illustration so that it is recognizable. And also, so that the doodle brings to its viewers a feeling of joy and pride that you are Ukrainian (the doodle is designed for Ukrainian users.) It was all restrictions, and then I could come up with ideas to my liking, “says the artist.

Patterns by Tatyana Yakunova - today on a thematic doodle!

Patterns by Tatyana Yakunova - today on a thematic doodle!

Patterns by Tatyana Yakunova - today on a thematic doodle!

Tatiana says that she proposed three sketches (sketch. – Ed.) With various ideas, of which the company chose one. The whole team was involved in approving the doodle, including the Ukrainian Google office, which checks that the image does not contain ambiguous characters. The local offices have a better understanding of the cultural characteristics of the country.

You can pass on traditions in a modern format

As strange as it may seem, the illustrator spent most of the time not creating an image, but exploring the features of Ukrainian embroidery. In total, the creation process from receipt of the assignment to final approval took approximately one and a half months.

“All the elements that are represented in the doodle – letters, flowers, bird – I described in the process of studying traditional elements of embroidery in different regions of Ukraine. From the embroidery of the Hutsul region, which is characterized by geometric patterns (repetitive patterns), to the embroidery of the Crimean Tatars with rounded floral elements. For example, the flower that the girl holds in her hand is an element that inspired me with Crimean Tatar embroidery, ”explains Tatyana Yakunova. She adds that the girl in the photo is to a certain extent a symbolic image, because embroidery is traditionally the work of women, and it is women who have transmitted this knowledge from generation to generation.

Speaking of the color palette, the author explains that she also studied the colors typical of embroidery in different regions. In addition, in Ukrainian embroidery, each color has its own meaning, for example, yellow (or it is also called gold) is the color of the sun, and red is the color of energy and love.

When asked where to find ideas for new works and how to develop creative thinking, Tatyana responds that it’s the same process as any other workload. As a result, you should train in the same way as you do for muscle development – often and regularly. “The more a person tries to think creatively, the better it is in the future. There are many creative techniques when trying to search for images in certain abstract things. For example, you draw a closed line, like a scribble, then in this scribble, try to find an image and draw it. It perfectly trains the brain and its ability to create unusual new connections. And then come up with new ideas. The first exercises will be more difficult, but the next ones will be easier, ”explains Tatyana Yakunova. In the end, he adds that, like most creative people, he thinks the concept of inspiration is somewhat overestimated, as it is not a sufficiently reliable “material”. Therefore, you sometimes have to force yourself to work, train and learn to create in any environment.

Meanwhile, briefly how the doodle came about

In 1998, the founders of Google Larry Page and Sergey Brin decided to inform users that they had gone to the independent art festival Burning Man, which ends with the engraving of a wooden figure. Behind the second letter “o” in the word “google”, they placed a photo of a wooden man – a symbol of the festival – to indicate that they are not in the office. Users liked this idea, and the idea came to decorate the logo in honor of important holidays or dates. The same year, during Thanksgiving in the United States, a turkey appeared in the logo and, in October 1999, instead of the letters “o”, the pumpkins appeared on Halloween. In addition, the subject widened and Google began to congratulate users on all kinds of holidays, historical events and to dedicate drawings to the birthdays of artists, writers, scientists and great people.

Patterns by Tatyana Yakunova - today on a thematic doodle!

Today – with the help of Tatyana Yakunova, he congratulates Ukraine on Embroidery Day. His design will be seen by millions of our fellow citizens. It unites.

Congratulations, Ukraine! Thank you Tatiana!

Julia Gorban, Kiev

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