Peasants’ behavior on oil has subsided, Putin has become more accommodating and forced to ask Arab forgiveness – expert opinion



Following recent negotiations with OPEC + countries which took place on April 9, Russia was forced to significantly reduce its oil production.

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Putin is forced to give in to the Arabs.
The behavior of the Moors has subsided, Putin is forced to apologize. Photo:

According to a Russian expert, partner of the consulting firm RusEnergy Mikhail Krutikhin, Putin decided to “ask for forgiveness for his behavior towards the Saudi prince and the Saudi delegation”.

“Thus, on March 6, the Russian delegation slammed the door, then absolutely falsely accused the Saudis of destroying the OPEC + alliance. This caused extreme indignation among the Arabs. They declared a price war, quickly increased their production, and began to force Russia out of its market niches, including from Europe, offering their oil at huge discounts. The rude behavior of the Russian delegation had a big impact – and now we have to apologize, “ – explained Krutikhin.

The expert expressed confidence that Russia is now expecting a bad prospect and a difficult confrontation with the world community.

“They will start with dam tariffs on Russian oil and Russian petroleum products, which Canada and America already promise to introduce, then there will be an embargo on Russian oil supplies, then there will be sanctions against companies that buy Russian oil. Russia will be squeezed out of the world oil market and thereby support prices at a level suitable for everyone. The prospects for her are very bad “, – concluded Krutikhin.

In any case, according to him, Russia has now changed roles with Saudi Arabia.

Earlier, it was reported that Lukashenko had exposed Putin’s plan and refused to buy Russian oil.

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