Penalty for violation of traffic rules can now be paid in instant messengers


Drivers will also be able to check the fine in Messenger.

Ukrainians will be able to pay fines for violating traffic rules in instant messengers. Photo:

The OpenDataBot service has launched a service to pay fines using Viber, Messenger and Telegram. Drivers will also be able to check for fines in one of the messengers listed.

The service’s creators said, “According to the data, every fifth in the debtor’s register was found not to pay fines for violations of traffic rules.”

To check fines and payments through the messenger, you need:

  1. Add @OpenDataUABot to VO, Messenger or Telegram
  2. Enter your tin or series and serial number
  3. Pay the fine

There is no need to send payment receipts via Openendabot to the Ministry of Internal Affairs additionally – the bot will do this for you, reports the service representatives. Below is an example of how the service works in Telegram.

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We previously wrote that Ukraine’s Ministry of Internal Affairs and Payment and Information Service Penalty UA have launched an application with which drivers can be fined for violating traffic rules and by driver’s license number, tin or chain and fine number Check status of payment.

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