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People over the age of 60 must stay at home during the quarantine period, as they are at high risk, and therefore require self-isolation in their designated place.

This is indicated in the explanation of the restrictions on the quarantine period for people over 60, published on the government portal.

“People over the age of 60 should now be at home. They should also refrain from contact with other people, except those with whom they live together. People of respectable age are at risk at increased risk, therefore, they need to isolate themselves for them. According to WHO statistics, 95% of coronavirus victims in Europe were over the age of 60, “said the report.

The Government specifies that all people over the age of 60 must stay at home, except those who carry out activities related to preventing the spread of COVID-19 and ensuring the operation of essential infrastructure. If your employer is not one of these two exceptions, he is obliged to transfer you to telework at the place of self-isolation that you have chosen or to plan a leave for the quarantine period.

It should be noted that the elderly who are in self-isolation (with the exception of patients with COVID-19) and who have no one to care for, are authorized to visit stores, pharmacies and other points of sales located at a maximum distance of 2 kilometers from the place of self-isolation. They must also adhere to the mask regime and have an identity card with them.

“In addition, you have the possibility of contacting the Office (department) for the social protection of the population at the place of residence. The government has instructed the regional administrations of the state to take additional measures to identify and serve the single people who are isolated and organize appropriate social support. This, in particular, concerning the acquisition and delivery of food and medicine by social workers, “added the government.

It is also reported that the frequency of outings is controlled by an elderly person himself subject to the recommendations, but this should be done as rarely as possible and plan purchases for the longest possible period.

“And the availability of documents will allow you to check whether a person must be in self-isolation or under observation, and also if he has not violated the authorized distance of 2 km from a certain place of self-isolation. Monitoring compliance with these rules is carried out by structural units of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, “said the Cabinet.

The Government also recalls that it is possible to pay for housing services and public services for the elderly remotely using existing online services. In addition, they note that in the coming days, the government will decide on the possibility of paying for housing and communal services through approved banks and Ukrposhta.

“Citizens who receive pensions and financial assistance through banking institutions will be able to pay for housing and municipal services remotely. To do so, they must register in the remote service system or call the hotline. from the bank and provide information on the list of housing services that wish to pay remotely, and the data necessary to pay for services from their accounts “, – added to Cabinet.

Beneficiaries of pensions and social benefits will also be able to pay for accommodation and municipal services directly to the postman upon receipt of pensions and cash assistance, or by ordering the corresponding service, in particular by telephone.

If an elderly person has symptoms of coronavirus, the firm advises calling a family doctor and not going to see him physically, not queuing up for an appointment.

“If you have a high fever, difficulty breathing, coughing, other symptoms, but cannot reach the family doctor or if you have not signed a declaration, call an ambulance (103) or call the hotline 1545 and leave your contact details “, – noted to the Cabinet.

As noted, in Ukraine since April 6, the requirements for restrictive measures related to quarantine have been strengthened.

The Cabinet of Ministers issued Decree No. 255 of April 2 to strengthen quarantine measures in Ukraine, which will be valid from April 6 to 24.

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In particular, during quarantine, it is prohibited: to stay in public places without a mask or respirator; the displacement of a group of people of more than two people, except in case of official necessity and accompanying children; stay in public places for people under 16, not accompanied by adults; visit parks, squares, recreational areas, forest parks and coastal areas, in addition to walking pets in one person and when officially required; visit sports and playgrounds; organize all mass events (cultural, entertainment, sporting, social, religious, advertising and others) in which more than 10 people participate, with the exception of events necessary to ensure the work of state and local government authorities .

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The decree also establishes that among the people who need to isolate themselves, there are people who have reached the age of 60, with the exception of those who carry out activities related to the prevention of the spread of COVID -19, ensuring the operation of essential infrastructure.

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