People Must Be Prepared – “Chairman of the LPR People’s Council” Announced Unusual Greeting in Honor of Victory Day in the “Republic”



As you know, as part of the so-called “LPR” in connection with the coronavirus pandemic, the May 9 Victory Day parade was canceled. But, here is a festive greeting, according to the words of “president of the Popular Council of the LPR”, Denis Miroshnichenko according to tradition will take place. According to him, it will be a salute of artillery.

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This was reported by the portal DonPress, referring to the media controlled by the invaders, reports the MFN.

“Chairman of the LPR People’s Council” Denis Miroshnichenko announced an artillery salute to the “republic” especially for Victory Day. He warned the inhabitants of the “republic”.

“According to tradition, at 9:00 pm, May 9 in honor of Victory Day will be a festive greeting. I emphasize that it will be a military salute. Therefore, people have to be prepared for this so that no one thinks that hostilities will start again, “said Miroshnichenko.

Earlier, we reported that the military commander of the “DPR” had spoken of significant losses among the militants of the “LPR”.

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