Perhaps he will become mayor of Odessa – Butusov said the cabinet of ministers had withdrawn from BP the idea of ​​the appointment of Saakashvili as deputy prime minister



According to the journalist, there is a catastrophic lack of votes for the appointment of Saakashvili, and the “Servant of the People” blocked this question.

Mikheil Saakashvili
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About this writes “MFN”, referring to Facebook Yuri Butusov.

He noted that at the moment Saakashvili’s appointment to the Cabinet of Ministers will not be and that it is unlikely that he will appear in the near future:

“After long negotiations with the“ servants ”, it has still not been possible to collect 226 votes. Only about 170 deputies are ready to vote for him. There is no vote because Zelensky does not publicly support Saakashvili … Maybe something will change over time, but so far the OPU has suspended this issue. “Arahamia was made responsible for collecting the votes, although Yermak was previously responsible for it.”

At the same time, the reporter noted that if Zelensky had given the green light, the faction would surely have found the necessary votes:

“But for that, he has to meet the demands of the different faction influence groups, and he certainly did not expect such a turning point. Saakashvili’s meeting price has become too high. “

They also understand in Bankova that the situation of “disappointment” will provoke a heated reaction in Saakashvili himself, so he has an urgent need to look for another place:

“One option is to help Saakashvili become mayor of Odessa. Let him present himself for the Servant of the People and completely resume his electoral campaign. “

Recall that we wrote earlier that Zelensky was persuaded to take Saakashvili to power.

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