Person with Ukrainian passport redirected to bus – ORDLO residents report mass inspections by representatives of illegal armed groups



Residents of temporarily occupied Horlivka on social media report that representatives of illegal armed groups have started mass checks of documents on the streets. In addition to the documents, for some residents, activists check documents for cars and also check phones – check the call lists.

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This is reported by the NPF, citing an independent publication DonPress

According to residents of the occupied territories, mass inspections began on Saturday March 28 and today, March 30, “roundups” of illegal armed groups have resumed.

Social media users report that occupiers arrest people on the streets and check documents. In addition, representatives of illegal armed groups continue to stop Ukrainian cars.

“Saturday repeats itself … Check the documents in the streets,” write users of social networks.

“What’s going on in the center of Gorlovka? Are they working on operations again or are they looking for someone? “

“Everyone with a Ukrainian passport is redirected to the bus until the circumstances are clarified,” write the users of social networks.

Residents of Horlivka report that representatives of illegal armed groups are carrying out similar checks in other cities in the occupied Donetsk region. According to the residents of ORDLO, most of the occupants are interested in the presence of Ukrainian passports among the residents of Gorlovka.

Earlier, we reported that LDNR officials have started massively exporting their families to Russia.

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