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In the next 15 years, 5G technology will bring $ 2.2 trillion to the world economy

The whole truth about 5G technology: perspectives, myths and global implications. Photo: 36k

The phrase “modern internet is old” may sound a bit strange, as some networks still symbolize progress and new technologies. In fact, a few years ago, network loads were completely different – without a ton of video files, messages, and the vast online world. Not only has the amount of information changed, but so has the number of users – and this requires updating the system.

Current requirements require new standards of telecommunications technologies to adopt network capabilities – now the fifth generation of mobile networks comes under them. It is for the new fifth generation that deals with 5G technology, which can make the Internet more accessible, faster and more reliable.

With current 4G, your favorite movie will be transferred to your smartphone in 10 minutes, but with 5G, the process will take several seconds. At the same time, 5G requires less power consumption, which makes the technology attractively affordable.

5G inquiry

Unfortunately, so far the fate of 5G is remotely similar to many revolutionary technological innovations. Society still boils over with primitive apprehensions and often considers an incomparable innovation in the best traditions of the Middle Ages – blaming it for all sins and throwing it into the fire. Totally insane theories about the dangers of 5G are spreading across social networks around the world, they even tried to cause the technology to cause a coronavirus epidemic.

Rumors of 5G health hazards also won the “Worst Fake News” award in 2020. For fans of conspiracy theory in particular, the International Commission on Protection against Non-ionizing Radiation (ICNIRP) has provided a report on a study of the effects of mobile networks on humans, according to which 5G cannot cause disease is.

But 5G can lead to other changes – among them are business development, technological revolution and multi-dollar revenue in the treasury. According to a study by Business Insider, by the end of the year, 5G will be in 18 countries, and in the next 15 years, technology will bring $ 2.2 trillion to the world economy.

Needless to say, the feature – 5G is not only much faster than its predecessor, but is also capable of serving up to 1 million devices, while 4G can add a maximum of 400 people. Ensuring the global use of 5G is a national priority for many countries, as it is expected that the most successful state will gain a competitive advantage in this difficult business.

Revolution for business

5G can indeed become a powerful growth stimulant for many sectors of the economy. First, ultra-fast data transfer and a large number of connections are promising for robotics and digitization of the industry. Autonomous transport – With further development of unmanned vehicles, technology is also being introduced to create communication networks on the roads.

The whole truth about 5G technology: perspectives, myths and global implications. Photo: MTI

AR / VR directions will also provide a new momentum, providing an opportunity to create and operate virtual / augmented realities. This will not only take the entertainment industry to a new level, but will also create new opportunities for education and medicine. With 5G, virtual learning and telemedicine will receive missing volumes.

5G will also be able to meet the needs of fintech and e-commerce industries through the introduction of next generation digital financial services. Companies like Uber, Alibaba, WeChat, and Amazon already use artificial intelligence, blockchain systems, IoT and instant payments. With 5G, these regions will become dominant in the market.

According to 5G America, by 2035 the 5G network infrastructure will create 22 million jobs worldwide. Every year, as more and more industries integrate one way or another with IT, some ten years ago it would be hard to imagine 100 people paying bills from a smartphone or video conference in the style of an old Skype. With 5G – the possibilities of technology are so great that in ten years it would be hard to believe in a world where internet speed does not exceed 1 GB / s.

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