Peskov’s serious condition: Navka published an unexpected photo



The fact of a serious illness of Dmitry Peskov provoked an ambiguous reaction from his wife Tatyana Navka. Shortly after her husband’s news about the coronavirus, she posted an unusual photo related to the coronavirus.

Sands and Navka
Sands and Navka. Photo –

It is reported by “MK“, Reports” NPF “.

On social networks, the famous skater posted a photo illustrating an innovative approach to wearing a medical mask. She presented to the public the option of a more closed mask with a visor, which is well suited for hotter days.

Due to recent events, not only Peskov, but Navka will have to comply with increased precautions for a long time and monitor their health intensively.

It should be noted that Peskov’s coronavirus was diagnosed on May 12. One of Vladimir Putin’s main aides has been found to be infected with a deadly disease, but the likelihood of complications has not yet been confirmed. Obviously, Peskov can count on high quality medical care and, most likely, the worst case can be avoided. Perhaps that is why his wife remains calm.

As a reminder, as previously indicated, sanctions could be lifted from the Russian Federation: the UN secretary general made an unexpected statement.

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