Pleasure Palace, harem and bike rides: how the quarantine of the king of Thailand in Germany



King of Thailand Maha Wachiralongkorn (Rama X)

The 67-year-old king of Thailand, Maha Wachiralongkorn (Rama X), is facing a pandemic far beyond the borders of his country – an eccentric monarch who regularly makes the headlines of the world media has self-isolated in the Grand Hotel Sonnenbichl in Germany. There, Rama X occupied the entire fourth floor, where 20 companions settled with him. And recently, German paparazzi captured the king and his entourage during a bike ride in the mountains.

Maha Vachiralongkorn in leggings, a jacket, a helmet and sunglasses rolled along a mountain road accompanied by subjects, and at the end of the course, the king was already waiting for a Mercedes and a limousine. The Thai king’s long stay in Bavaria during the pandemic outraged some local residents and officials, but they were not given answers to questions about why he was allowed to stay in the country.

King of Thailand Maha Wachiralongkorn (Rama X)

One of the employees of the Grand Hotel Sonnenbichl told reporters that staff were not allowed to go up to the fourth floor, where Rama X and his suite were camping. The whole floor is filled with Thai antiques and Bangkok treasures, ”he said.

The king of Thailand brought with him many luxury goods in Germany, according to journalists, transforming the entire floor of the hotel into a “palace of pleasures”.

Grand Hotel Sonnenbichl Hotel

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