Poisoned water in “DPR” tanks: Kazan spoke of the “pitching apocalypse” in the Donbass (PHOTO)



Ukrainian journalist and blogger Denis Kazansky writes that in the occupied waters of the Yenakievo and Gorlovka mines, bodies of water are poisoned. The reporter on his social media page posted a photo of rusty water in a pond.

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This was reported by the portal DonPress, referring to the social networks of Denis Kazan, reports MFN.

Journalist and blogger Denis Kazansky writes that in the occupied waters of Yenakievo and Gorlovka, there is a serious problem with mine waters. According to him, in some tanks, the water is rusty and yellow. According to him, the problem is that this poisoned water enters rivers and streams.

Kazansky writes that a year ago, the water in these tanks was a normal blue color. According to the journalist, this situation is due to the actions of the NPF “DPR”. According to him, the occupiers destroyed more than one mine. In addition, Kazansky drew attention to the fact that the Yunkom mine, which activists flooded in 2018, is radioactive. There, according to Kazan, the USSR carried out nuclear tests.

“It would be nice to walk along these rivers and fares with a dosimeter,” writes Kazan.

The blogger writes that the water from the mines falls into the rivers and that the locals drink it:

“The rusty dead water flows into the Krivoy Torets river, then into Seversky Donets, whose Donbass drinks water. A sort of tall apocalypse occurs in the Donbass. The region is captured by crazy monsters who destroy everything they could reach. Crazy and unforgiving self-destruction, ”writes the blogger.

Proof of the “ruthless destruction” of Donbass, the blogger has attached photographs of tanks in which the water is rusty.

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Photos –
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Photos –

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