Working !! Pokemon Go Promo Codes (Updated Jan 2021)

Promo Code

Do you want Pokemon Go Promo Codes? We have visited the multiple sites and found the working Promo Codes for you. All the codes are mentioned in this article.

What are Pokemon GO Promo Codes?


Trainers use Pokemon Go Promo codes to get some gifts in the Game. Gifts can be like Free Coins, Poke Balls, Berries or some random loot. The most important thing is that Pokemon Promo Codes work only for a small time period that means they will be expired after some time. So, If you have any code go redeem it now.

You should visit Shop and poke stops on daily basis to because there are some free gifts waiting for you. You can buy the items from the shop. You would need a backpack to carry all these things and it is available in the shop.

How to Redeem Pokemon Go Promo Codes?

You can redeem Pokemon Go Promo Codes very easily, but the process for redeeming the codes is different for iOS and Android devices.

Android devices


Start the game and click on the Poke Ball icon. You can find it in the bottom center. Then go to Shop and scroll down. At the bottom, there is a text area. You can paste the Promo Code in it. After adding the code click on redeem. You will get your reward.

iOS Devices

IOS Redeem Code

If you are an iOS user, you would need to visit the Official website of Niantic Labs and look for Pokemon Go Rewards page. Sign in using your Gmail or Facebook ID where you store your game performance. After logging in, Add the Promo Code and you will get your reward.

Pokemon Go Promo Codes: October 2020

Nowadays, one promo code is active. This code will give you 1 Star Piece, 10 Pinap Berries, 10 Stickers and 20 Ultra Balls.

Here is the Promo Code DJTLEKBK2G5EK

We will add more codes as Niantic share the new Promo Codes. So, please bookmark our website to check new Pokemon Go Promo Codes.

You should check all the emails coming from Pokemon Go and Niantic. They share Promo Codes via emails to their players. The email contains the subject like “Redeem Promo Codes” when you open the email there will be a link in it which leads you to Niantic Labs rewards site where you can redeem your code.

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