Poklonskaya wants to return to Ukraine: the former “prosecutor” of the annexed Crimea said he was ready to occupy a high post in Kiev



Former “prosecutor” of the annexed Crimea, State Duma deputy Natalya Poklonskaya said that she loved Ukraine and was ready to return. Poklonskaya was already in charge of the post of Ambassador of the Russian Federation to Ukraine.

Natalya Poklonskaya
Natalia Poklonskaya. Stock Photo –

Russian politician talked about it in interview with Dmitry Gordon, reports Politeka, reports MFN.

State Duma deputy Poklonskaya said that she wished to establish a peaceful relationship between Ukraine and the Russian Federation. For this, she is ready to return to Ukraine. According to Poklonskaya, she would like to take up the post of Ambassador of the Russian Federation to Ukraine.

The former “prosecutor” of the annexed Crimea will explain their motivations by the fact that he loves Ukraine.

“I love Ukraine because it is in me, I know it,” said the Russian politician.

Poklonskaya also expressed his opinion on the President of Ukraine Vladimir Zelensky. She said that if she had the opportunity to vote for him in the elections, she would vote “for”. But as for the fugitive president, Viktor Yanukovych, then, according to Poklonskaya, she did not vote for him. But despite this, according to Poklonskaya, she supported the Yanukovych regime.

We previously reported that the president’s office had said that Zelensky was starting to trust people less.

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