Poland allowed Ukrainian students to enter



Poland allowed Ukrainian students to enter

Poland allowed Ukrainian students to enter

05/23.2020 21:13


Foreign students studying in Poland, including from Ukraine, will now be able to enter the Republic of Poland during the quarantine restrictions imposed due to the coronavirus epidemic.

This is stated in the order of the Minister of Internal Affairs and Administration of Poland, Mariusz Kaminsky, informs

The document expands the list of people allowed to enter Poland.

In particular, we are talking about international road transporters who transit through Poland with other modes of transport, with the exception of vehicles which carry out international transport; pupils and students studying in Poland; citizens of other EU countries, the European Economic Area and Switzerland for the purpose of transiting through Poland, which lasts more than 12 hours from the time of crossing the Polish border.

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As indicated, according to the decree of the head of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Poland, only Polish citizens, foreigners married to Polish citizens, foreigners who are their children or under their tutelage, foreigners with a polar card, diplomats , foreigners can enter the Republic of Poland until June 12 who are entitled to temporary or permanent residence in the Republic of Poland, as well as foreigners authorized to work in Poland.

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