Poland has given a powerful response from the Russian Federation: Nord Stream 2 assets could be stopped



The political conflict between Poland and the Russian Federation continues to escalate. Poland intends to seize the assets of Nord Stream 2. Russia has issued an ultimatum.

Poland and Russian Federation
Poland and Russian Federation. Photo –

It is reported by “MK“, Reports” MFN “.

Polish authorities have decided to seize the assets of the Nord Stream 2 pipeline. Poland will take active measures in this case if Gazprom does not allocate funds to its company PGNiG, which the Russian Federation is required to pay in accordance with a resolution. of the Stockholm arbitration. “

“First of all, we must organize the arrest of the actions of Nord Stream and Nord Stream 2.” So we can stop the process of creating the second branch of the Russian gas pipeline. The second thing that we should prepare for is the complete rejection of any concession regarding Gazprom. This concerns the issue of the six billion zlotys, which the Russian Federation is obliged to pay us by decision of the Stockholm arbitration, “said Janusz Kowwalski, Polish Deputy Minister for State Property.

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