Poland launches an electronic signature service


The new service will allow individuals and entrepreneurs to sign documents remotely

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After the government tightened quarantine measures to prevent coronovirus, the Polish national payment system KIR, together with IT company Cryptomathic, launched a digital signature service. The new service will allow Polish citizens to sign documents remotely.

The new certified EIDAS service allows individuals and companies in Poland to provide legally binding digital consent in the financial and public services sector.

It is noted that when developing the service, KIR digital certificates were used to authenticate transactions, as well as cryptomathic’s Signor electronic signature technology. With this, KIR ensures consistent and centralized use of signatures.

Alzibeta Volodarski
Head of Digital Signature at KIR

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Earlier, we wrote that Ukraine launched an experiment on the use of advanced electronic signatures and seals, which are based on qualified public key certificates. As stated by the Ministry of Digital Transformation, in this way, electronic trust services are “becoming more accessible to non-critical living situations that do not require enhanced security”.

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