Police check on evacuees from abroad – Avakov



Police check on evacuees from abroad - Avakov

The police have the contact details of all those who have returned to Ukraine from abroad in recent weeks and are gradually monitoring their compliance with the self-isolation regime.

This was stated by Interior Minister Arsen Avakov on the television channel “Ukraine”, the press service of the national police.

“In the past few weeks, hundreds of thousands of people have returned to Ukraine, everyone has signed a commitment to isolate themselves … The police have the entire base of citizens who have crossed the national border, and we control this situation. There are checks, appeals. If people ignore it, then a fine or criminal responsibility, “said Avakov.

According to him, if society understands the rules and the police only control emergencies, then only the measures taken will have an effect.

“If, for example, 200,000 people do not observe it (self-isolation regime – note), then we will not find any police on them, we do not have as many people,” said the Minister of ‘Interior.

He recalled that during an emergency, a mechanism was developed when, under the direction of the Chief Medical Officer of Health, the police forcibly isolated the patient if necessary.

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Furthermore, Avakov noted that anyone with a detected coronavirus can only be considered in good health after further examination.

“We understand the state of our medicine and the challenges our state faces. The situation where a young man himself says, “I fell ill and recovered” is not a normal situation. It’s not funny, there can’t be hype here. After the illness, everyone should have an additional exam, and if two tests show a negative result, then only the person is in perfect health, “he said.

As indicated, according to Worldmeters worldwide on the morning of March 29, 664,318 cases of coronavirus have been recorded, of which 30,890 were fatal, 142,368 people were recovered.

In Ukraine, 418 cases of infection with a Covid-19 coronavirus have been confirmed in the laboratory, of which 9 fatal, five people have recovered.

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