Police compiled more than 3.5 thousand quarantine violation protocols



Police compiled more than 3.5 thousand quarantine violation protocols

In Ukraine, 3,566 administrative protocols have been drawn up for violation of the quarantine rules, including 153 for violation of the self-isolation regime. According to the results of the court review, fines were imposed totaling more than 272,000 hryvnias.

It is reported by the Communication Office of the National Police of Ukraine.

“From the start of the quarantine measures, the police monitor compliance with the established restrictions. The police conduct preventive interviews, draw up administrative documents under articles 44-3 of the Code of Ukraine on administrative offenses – Violation of rules relating to quarantine of persons. As of April 3, 3566 had been drafted. Also began 44 criminal proceedings on facts related to violations of quarantine measures, “the report said.

Police compiled more than 3.5 thousand quarantine violation protocols

Particular attention is paid to people who must be isolated. This applies to citizens who have recently returned from abroad or who have had contact with patients with COVID-19. Police contact them by phone, explain the need for a self-isolation regime, and perform spot checks when they visit their homes.

It is noted that for violation of the self-isolation regime, the police composed 153 administrative protocols: in Kiev – 64, Vinnytsia region – 18, Chernivtsi – 17, Ivano-Frankivsk – 11, Poltava – 8, Volynskaya – 5 , Transcarpathian – 5, Sumy – 4, Khersonskaya – 4, Khmelnitsky – 4, Kharkov – 3, Kiev – 2, Kirovograd – 2, Nikolaev – 1, Odessa – 1, Ternopol – 1.

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In addition, as of April 3, police were monitoring 65 medical and observation centers 24 hours a day. Law enforcement officers and doctors occupy 229 quarantine stations.

In total, nearly 23,000 law enforcement officers participated in the implementation of measures to prevent the spread of coronavirus infections and protect public safety.

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