Police should protect, not torture: Voice faction calls for dismissal of Avakov and Klimenko



The political force believes that the heads of the Interior Ministry and the national police of Ukraine cannot occupy their posts after the crime committed by the police in Kagarlyk. As you know, here two police officers, just at the police station, raped and beat a female witness for several hours.

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He writes “MFN” in reference to the press service “Vote“.

The faction believes that the leaders of the Interior Ministry and the national police must be responsible for the crime of their subordinates in Kagarlyk. Politicians note that this is not the first large-scale crime committed by the police, but even after the guilty police have not been fairly punished:

“The events in Kagarlyk might not have happened if the guilty police had been justly punished for the events of Krivoy Ozer, in the” Svitanok “orphanage and for the murder of Kirill Tlyavov, 5 years old. But the current system is more concerned with executioners in uniform than with its citizens. “

The faction believes that the monobolshintso parliament, in the person of the “Servants of the People”, should recognize the complete failure of the police reform and start to revive it. And for this, in leadership positions, “new minds and new hearts” are needed:

“To be silent now is to become a participant in the crime and to take responsibility for everything the police do today.”

Therefore, summed up in the faction, the heads of the Interior Ministry and the national police must answer for what happened. Avakov and Klimenko have been unable and will not be able to reform the law enforcement system:

“Society needs a police force to protect, not torture.”

Recall that we wrote earlier if Avakov would resign because of the Kagarlyk events.



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