Polina Gagarina’s husband, Dmitry Iskhakov, writes philosophical poems against the backdrop of rumors about their divorce: “I got out of the body”



Polina Gagarina and Dmitry Iskhakov

In mid-May, rumors circulated in the press regarding the separation of Polina Gagarina, 33, and Dmitry Iskhakov, 42, after five years of marriage. Journalists from one of the Russian publications reported that in a conversation with them, the photographer did not deny the fact of a breakup with his wife. Since then, neither Gagarina herself nor Iskakhov have commented on this.

And if Polina is completely silent, and on Instagram mainly publishes photos with children and photos from the filming of the show “The Voice”, then her husband actively shares her experiences in the microblog with her followers. For several consecutive days, he has published philosophical poems of his own composition, in which many Internet users read his concerns about a possible breakup with his wife.

Dmitry Iskhakov and Polina Gagarina

It’s easy and free for me, I got out of the body, I left him to lie down, he is very tired, he was looking for something, he wanted something, he suffered, he hurt and now he s ‘stopped. Or now? From here to hell, Towards other worlds where the feelings are more alive, Do not wait, I will return as soon as possible the time will go out and the sun will decompose,

– Iskhakov shared his words.

Dmitry Iskhakov

Many netizens felt that Dmitry only confirmed the breakup with Gagarina with this significant poem and began to support him in the comments. Many believed that Iskhakov’s lines even traced suicidal motives, and concluded that parting from the singer was not easy for him.

Dmitry Iskhakov and Polina Gagarina

Dmitry posted a new poem on quarantine on Instagram yesterday. In an article, he also explained why he brought all the emotions to his 170,000th audience on Instagram:

You know, I thought, maybe in vain that I publish. Why? So many personal emotions and spectacle. They even call, they say don’t do that. And there I judged, is it really a shame for my poems ?! Not ashamed. They have passed internal censorship. There is a seal and all the documents. Mustache, legs and tail. And if at least one person sounds my work, I will be happy. Yes, even if no one comes in, well. It doesn’t matter either. This is how I think. Yes, I want – I will sing at all! I think I won’t offend anyone, knowing that many people think so themselves, and it’s no secret that our scene is poor. Why not? It will not get worse. Wait for me on the next “Voice” … or through one. Well, the so-called “journalists”, something to take from them. Let them write. It’s their job. I do not have one, I did not have one and I hope that I will have no contact (the spelling and the punctuation of the author are preserved. – N.D.E.).

Dmitry Iskhakov

Some subscribers considered that Dmitry had mentioned the program “Voice” in his message in order to somehow offend Polina Gagarina, who is one of the leaders of this project on Channel One. In addition, followers supported Iskhakov’s impetus and advised him to continue sharing the fruits of his labor on social media.

Recall that the romance of Dmitry Iskhakov and Polina Gagarina started in 2013, and a year later, they got married. In the marriage, the couple raised the three-year-old daughter Mia and the singer’s 12-year-old son, Andrei’s first marriage. Dmitry and Andrey had warm, friendly relationships. The photographer even publicly admitted that he was proud of his success in school and the boy’s good education.

According to rumors, Gagarina and Iskhakov have not yet officially filed for divorce, but at the same time, the singer has already dismissed her husband from the post of director of her company. It is also said that Dmitry and Polina have not lived under the same roof for several months.

Dmitry Iskhakov and Polina Gagarina with children

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